Our Founders

Eduardo Montero

I'm Eduardo Montero, CEO and owner of i4traders.

I am a computer scientist by profession and passionate about marketing and trading. I started trading about 13 years ago and I have noticed that one of the key factors that prevent most traders from being successful is not having enough funds.

This leads most traders to trade with too much leverage and also to trade too many times in an attempt to compensate for the lack of funds. Also when trading with personal money there is usually an added psychological pressure of not wanting to lose that money and all this leads to making bad trading decisions.

This has led me and Adrian to create I4TRADERS so that traders no longer have that limitation of funds or risk their money. We are also clear that in order to avoid added pressure on traders, our plans do not have time limits or minimum trading days.

adrian Perez

I'm Adrian Perez, CTO and owner of i4traders.

I have been working on projects related to online trading for more than 10 years and I am passionate about the world of investment and technology. I have known Eduardo since we studied together and with the creation of I4TRADERS we want to help you break your limits as a trader and reach your goals.

With our programs we want to impulse you in your progress as a profitable trader and make you feel relaxed at all times, without the excessive psychological pressure that other companies impose. I work together with my team every day to try to offer the best possible experience to our users and to make you feel comfortable collaborating with us.

We try to keep improving with your help in order to offer a working environment with the most suitable conditions for you to succeed as a trader. That is why we are close to you, always listening to your opinions and comments in order to move forward together. We are here by your side whenever you have any doubt or need.

Our Team, Working for your Success!

Behind i4traders there is a multidisciplinary team of people who try to offer an amazing user experience. From the customer service team to the management department we always try to make you feel comfortable interacting with us and that you are satisfied with our service.

Customer Support

We will solve your doubts instantly

Financial Department

We will take care of your payments on time

Partners Team

In search of the best alliances for growth

Management Department

Always improving our offer for your success
We are i4traders

Impulse For Traders

Become a funded trader and get the impulse you need to maximise your profits.

We are a company located in Spain (European Union).

I4TRADERS ONLINE SERVICES S.L. with identification number B13974019.

Without risking your money.

Funded accounts from $15,000 to $200,000 from start-up with no scaling programs.

No time limits.

At your own pace. No Minimum Trading Days.

ChallengeS with affordable profit targets.

7% for phase 1 and 5% for phase 2.

One-off payment for the challenge.

No monthly payments or hidden costs.

Any trading style is welcome.

Whether you prefer EAs, scalping, hedging or discretionary trading, there are no limits or restrictions.

Wide variety of assets.

Including Forex, Indices, and Commodities.

Generous profit-sharing system.

85% of the profits for you.

What Makes i4traders Different?

In i4traders you will find a team of people committed to your success as a trader and always by your side to help you achieve your goals, which are also ours. These are some of the features that differentiate us and we encourage you to join us to discover all the others.

Created by traders for traders

We are passionate traders like you and we know what you need to grow and achieve your goals.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Try our service without any commitment for 14 days. If you are not satisfied with any detail before you start trading, we will refund your access fee with no questions asked.

Customer service 24/5

Our support team is always at your side to quickly resolve any questions and provide you with the best possible experience.

Regulated and trusted broker

We only cooperate with the most reliable partners in the market. The broker that will execute your trades is internationally regulated and offers competitive conditions and no conflicts of interest.

Quick payments on demand

We know how important payments are for you and that is why we work to make them as fast as possible and to offer you several payment methods to guarantee your maximum satisfaction.

Fee refund with the first payout

Once you pass the challenge you will automatically receive a full refund of your access fee with your first profit payment. You will work as a funded trader without risking a penny of your money.

These are some of our trusted partners

Impulse For Traders
The prop firm that impulse you as a trader to maximize your profits.

We really believe in creating awesome user experiences. You will always find us by your side to help you grow as a trader by offering you the best technological solutions, pursuing the best trading conditions through the most reliable partners and making sure you are always comfortable and satisfied with our service. Thank you for your confidence.
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